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Leicester Roadshow Review

The ILF Roadshow went to Leicester on 16 March 2005.  The day was an opportunity for local users to met with ILF staff and fellow Fund users.  It is the third such event the ILF have organised.  Previous roadshows were held in Glasgow and Exeter.  This event took place at the National Space Centre.

The day proved to be a huge success with everyone who attended.  Some of the people who came to the roadshow took advantage of the tickets that were given away free on the day to look around the exhibition galleries at the Centre which include actual rockets, capsules and satellites and a great many interactive activities.

First and foremost, the day was a chance for Fund users to have questions answered by a panel of ILF staff and also to take part in discussion groups.  "The ILF are very interested in what people who use the Fund have to say," said one user.  "I think it is good that they are listening and want to change and improve."

Another user commented, "Days like these are a way we can talk directly to staff, discuss issues, find out a bit more and also put names to faces."

Other organisations that provided information on the day included Mencap, the British Red Cross (who can help provide or locate equipment for disabled people), MOSAIC, CLASP and a local fibromyalgia support group called FLARES.

The ILF Roadshow may be coming to a town or city near you soon.  Watch our internet event diary for details of up and coming events, or contact Jon Duckworth, User Service Manager on 0845 601 8815 (email:


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