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1. We recommend that the ILFs should remain in existence in their current form. (para 28)

2. We support the Trustees' view that this is an appropriate time for a review of staffing levels and recommend that the results be used to inform next year’s budget considerations (para 33)

3. We recommend that where fundamental changes are to be made to a care package, or the level of support provided, at least four weeks notice is given before changes are implemented (para 40)

4. We recommend that no change be made to appeals procedures (Para 45)

5. We recommend that the ILFs investigate the options for increased liaison with DP, Access to Work and Disabled Student Grants schemes (para 51)

6. We recommend that the ILFs should maintain and consolidate their liaison efforts with LA social services departments, but that any national or regional take-up campaigns would be inappropriate (para 53)

7. We recommend that highest rate care component of DLA remains the gateway to ILF assistance to ensure that funding is targeted on the most severely disabled people (para 57)

8. We recommend that there be no change in the provisions relating to care provided by family members (para 64)

9. We recommend that all earnings should be disregarded in ILF assessments (para 68)

10. We recommend that the capital limit be raised to £18,500, with capital between £11,500 and £18,500 attracting an assumed tariff income (para 73)

11. We recommend that the practice of exercising discretion in the treatment of capital intended for imminent major purchases be continued (para 73)

12. We recommend that it be formally laid down that lump sum payments received from the VDP scheme and ex-gratia payments made to former Far East prisoners of war and victims of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease should be disregarded entirely in assessing available capital (para 74)

13. We recommend that partners’ earnings be subject to the full disregard recommended at para 68 in respect of clients’ earnings (para 76)

14. We believe that whether any or all of the DLA care component is taken into account in ILF assessments be considered outside the QR (para 78)

15. We recommend that SDP continue to be taken fully into account in ILF assessments (para 78)

16. If the recommendation at para 68 for the disregard of all earnings is not accepted, we recommend that DPTC and WFTC continue to be included in net pay for ILF purposes (para 78)

17. We recommend that occupational pensions continue to be taken into account (para 79)

18. Unless the recommendation at para 71 for the disregard of all earnings is accepted, we recommend that the whole of contributions to such pensions may be offset against net earnings (para 79)

19. We recommend that a limit on initial package costs be retained (para 83)

20. We recommend that Trustees review the maximum sum figure biennially and, if they feel that an increase in the maximum sums is appropriate, present a case to Ministers (para 85)

21. As a caveat to the increase in the ILF maximum sums we recommend that such increases are only paid where the LA contribution is also raised commensurately (para 88)

22. We recommend that there be no change to the ILF policy of declining to accept applications where the individual is moving direct from a long-stay hospital to independent living (para 91)

23. We recommend that there be no automatic annual increase in individual awards (para 99)

24. We recommend that ILF Management review their forms and notifications to satisfy themselves that the provision for a review of the amount of an award paid is sufficiently made known to clients (para 99)

25. We recommend that the ILFs study the LA/NHS Single Assessment Process procedures to identify whether there is scope to introduce some such procedures in their dealings with some or all LAs (para 102)

26. We recommend that the Trustees and management establish through their contact officer network what LA support is available, with the aim of agreeing to make this available to ILF clients whether or not they are receiving DPs, and review the support offered internally in light of the results (para 104)

27. We recommend that the maximum sum may be exceeded in any week where the annualised total of regular payments plus the additional payments remains within an annualised maximum sum. We recommend that this flexibility also applies where there is a regular variable package of care or where the client has additional support costs because of going on holiday (para 105)

28. We recommend that ILF provision allow the payment of an appropriate retainer for up to 4 weeks in the event of temporary interruptions of caring (para 106)

29. We recommend that ILF payments in respect of personal assistants may be made for up to 8 weeks after the death of the ILF client (para 107).

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