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Find out more about our current procedures, policies and future developments.

Professionals' User Guide
The purpose of these documents is to guide professionals through the procedures of the Funds from the initial identification of potential 1993 Fund applicants, through to being a Fund user, and how to maintain payments from the Funds.

Complaints Procedures
If you are unhappy with the service you have received for example, the length of time it has taken us to do something, or the way someone has spoken to you when you contacted the Fund you may want to complain.

Freedom of Information
The Publication Scheme explains what kinds of information held by the ILF is publicly available and how it is made available.

Racial Equality Scheme
An action plan to eliminate unlawful racial discrimination, promote equality of opportunity and promote good relations between persons of different racial groups.

ILF Trust Deed
The formal document that outlines the terms of the Trust agreement and governs the operations of the ILF.
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