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Newsletter Coming Soon: You Can Get Involved

The User Newsletter Issue 8 is due very soon and we would like you to tell us the kind of things you would like to see in it.

The ILF User Newsletter goes to every single one of our users and aims to keep people up to date with developments at the ILF.  

Recently we started including a Question and Answer section and have also requested "success stories" so that other people can share positive experiences that show how the ILF can support people in many different ways.

Please get in touch with us if:

  • You have a success story to share.
  • You have a question about the ILF you'd like answered in the Question and Answer section.
  • You have an idea for something else you would like to see covered in this or future issues of the newsletter.


Or contact the User Service Manager on 0845 601 8815.

Click the link to see previous newsletters.


[13 March 2006]




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