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Managing the Award

Can someone else deal with the money for me?

We will pay the money to you. If you wish to ask someone else to manage your affairs then this will be an arrangement that you must make. You will still be responsible for making sure the money is used properly, that you can account for the use of the money to the Fund, and for telling the Fund about your circumstances if they change. If you cannot manage your own affairs then we will consider paying the money to someone else. This will usually be the person who is your appointee for benefits or who has power of attorney. If agreed, this person will have to take on all the responsibilities of administering the payments.

Do I need to keep records?

Yes. The Fund will ask you to account for the money it has paid you from time to time. You must be able to show how you have used the money and that it has been properly spent. If you pay individuals rather than an agency you will probably need to keep records for the Inland Revenue. It is important that you keep a record of amounts that you pay people, when you have paid them, and what for. You must also keep a record of their name, address and National Insurance number. The best way to do this is to ask your personal assistants to sign a receipt for the payments you give them. If you use an agency you do not have to keep the details of the individual workers. You must, however, keep copies of the invoices/receipts from the agency.

Do I need to send bills or receipts to you?

Usually you will only need to do this if we ask you to as part of a review. You must, however, keep bills and receipts in case we do ask. In some cases, if the amount you pay varies or there has been a problem with the arrangements we may ask you to send bills or invoices to us, and payment will be made only on receipt of these.

Can I pay someone to do the paperwork for me?

Yes, you can choose to pay someone to deal with your paperwork. You may decide to do this where you have to pay tax and National Insurance contributions for the people you employ. If you do pay someone to do this then we will usually include the reasonable cost of this in our calculations of how much we will pay you.

Will you pay the money to my personal assistant?

No. Usually we will only pay the money to you or your appointee. We will not usually make our payments directly to a personal assistant or care agency. This means that you keep the choice and control over who you pay. It also means that you remain responsible for their employment.

Do I have to account for my direct payments from Social Services separately from my ILF payments?

Yes. If you receive a direct payment from your social services department they will tell you what information they will want and how often. They may have different requirements from the ILF.

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