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Making an Application

Do I have to get Income Support to get help from the Fund?

No. If you do not get Income Support we will carry out our own financial assessment. You can still get help if this assessment shows that your income is not enough to pay for all of the care that you need.

What sort of things can I get help with?

ILF funding has to be used to pay for personal and/or domestic care that you need in order to remain living at home. The Fund can help if you have to pay for someone to carry out any personal or domestic tasks for you. You cannot get help from the Fund to pay for any care whilst you are in residential care.

Can I apply if I get Constant Attendance Allowance?

Yes. If you get Constant Attendance Allowance (CAA) at the same rate or higher than the highest rate care component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) this will be treated as a qualifying benefit. (CAA is paid to disabled people who receive Industrial Injuries Benefit or a War Pension).

Does the capital limit apply to just me, or my partner as well?

The capital limit of £18,500 applies to you and your partner jointly, if you have one. Between you, you must have less than this amount in savings or capital. While the house you live in does not count as capital, any other property you own, or any bonds or shares you own, or any money held in PEPs, TESSAs, ISAs or other savings plans will count as capital.

Can I apply on behalf of a disabled person who is unable to manage his or her own affairs?

Yes. We will accept an application from another person if the disabled person is unable to complete the application form themselves. This should usually be the person who is the appointee for the disabled person’s benefits or a person who has power of attorney.

Can I apply during college holidays when I need help, even though my needs are met during term time?

Yes. If attending an educational establishment, the Fund can make an offer based on the times you are at home, providing that Social Services are contributing at least £200 per week towards your care needs during these periods, and providing the Education Authority does not already provide care for these periods.
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