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How can the award be used?

Can I use the money to buy items of equipment or make adaptations to my accommodation?

No. The Fund can only pay for personal and/or domestic care, provided by a personal assistant or a care agency.

Who can I pay?

You can usually pay anyone who is providing the care that you need. This may be a personal assistant, or you may choose a care agency to meet your needs. However, you cannot pay a close relative who lives in the same household as you, or pay for care provided by Social Services.

Can I pay a relative to care for me?

Yes, provided that they do not live in the same house as you.

Can my personal assistant take me out?

Yes, you can pay for someone to care for you when you are out of the house. You must need them to provide personal care for you while you are out (such as enabling you to shop, or toileting or repositioning while at a social event). The Fund can only pay for their normal wages, and cannot cover admission fees or other expenses.

Can my carer do my shopping?

If you are unable to do your essential shopping (groceries etc) then you can pay your carer to do this for you, just as you may pay a carer to prepare a meal. The Fund cannot, of course, pay for the shopping itself.

The amount of help I need varies and I need to pay different amounts depending on the help I need. What do I do?

We will agree with you an average amount of help that you need and base our offer of help on this. Although we will try to get this as close as possible to the actual amount you expect to have to pay, we will accept that you may need to adjust the amount to some extent each week, and this should give you some flexibility to pay more or less each week depending on the help that you need at a particular time. We would normally expect that the amount we pay you balances with the amount you pay out over a 4-week period.

Can I use the money when I go on holiday?

Yes. If you still need to pay for a personal assistant to provide care for you whilst on holiday you can use the Fund’s money to pay for this. You may take your usual personal assistant with you (although you must meet the cost of their travel, accommodation and other expenses yourself – the Fund can only pay for their normal wages for providing personal/domestic care for you), or you may wish to employ someone at your holiday destination, in which case we will need their full details for our administration. If you go abroad and still need to pay someone to care for you we will consider doing this for up to 4 weeks while you are still entitled to receive Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

Remember that, for clients of the 93 Fund, in order to have the above agreed you must still be receiving at least £200 worth of services each week during these periods.

Can I use the Fund’s money to pay for transport to a day centre?

No, normally we expect social services to cover the cost of this. However, in exceptional cases, especially where this is built into the cost of a private day centre placement, which the Fund is paying for, this may be acceptable.
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