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Change in Circumstances

What happens if I go into hospital or residential care?

You must arrange to tell us as soon as possible if you have to go into hospital. If your stay in hospital is for less than 7 days your payments will not be affected.

If you are in hospital for more than 7 days and employ a personal assistant, and need to pay their wages in order to retain them as an employee, you must inform the Fund that you wish to request payment for this. The Fund may be able to continue payments as a “retainer” for up to 4 weeks. The Fund cannot usually pay retainers for agency care.

If you are in hospital for longer than this your payments will usually stop. They will start again when you come out of hospital (you must remember to tell us) as long as your stay is less than 6 months.

What if I need more help, or the cost of my care increases?

If the cost of your needs change we will reassess the amount we pay you. If appropriate we will offer you a revised award if we are able to. If you need a lot more help we would expect you to ask your social services department if they can provide any of the extra help that you need.

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