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Amount of Awards

How do you work out how much you can award?

We first decide how many hours of care we can consider helping with and what this will cost (depending on the reasonable costs in your particular circumstances).

We then take off the amount of your income we calculate should be available towards paying those costs. (If you already pay a charge towards the local authority social services department as part of a joint 1993 Fund package, we deduct this from the amount of income we expect you to contribute so that you are not charged twice.)

The resulting figure should be the amount we are able to contribute towards your care costs, and this will be the ILF award.

How do you calculate the amount I will have to pay towards my care?

In all cases we expect you to put half your Disability Living Allowance (DLA) care component towards the cost.
If you receive Income Support you will not be expected to put any more towards the cost unless you receive Severe Disability Premium (SDP) as part of your Income Support. If you do, then we expect the SDP to be available towards the cost of your care.

If you do not receive Income Support we will calculate a “notional” Income Support amount and add your housing costs. We will compare this amount to the income you have coming in. Any amount of income above the total of the “notional” Income Support plus housing costs will be considered available towards the cost of your care.

How do you pay me if the amount of help I need varies?

We will agree with you an average amount of help that you need and base our offer of help on this. Although we will try to get this as close as possible to the actual amount you expect to have to pay, we will accept that you may need to adjust the amount to some extent each week, and this should give you some flexibility to pay an hour or two more or less each week depending on the help that you need at a particular time. We would normally expect that the amount we pay you balances with the amount you pay out over a 4-week period.

This flexibility does not include periods of residential respite care, and the Fund does still need to be told of these dates. Payments will normally be suspended during these periods, unless a retainer has been requested and agreed.

In some cases we may ask you to send invoices from the person or agency providing your care. We will then send you the money that you need to meet the invoice (subject to the maximum amount we have agreed to pay you).
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